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  1. Wow! Very interesting and informative. Food for thought, for sure. Need to digest. Most importantly, I can see this working for me. Great insight. I’m ready!
    Love and Kindness,

  2. I’ve learned by reading, talking and setting an example. I want to continue in any classes or groups you have to offer and continue the sharing and teaching. I am proud to be chosen by you to further the quest of living in the C of a mentor.
    People around us are now waking up to the danger of following the rulers as they have been. The World I loved has crumbled. I’m determined to see the TVP and Prime Law become our way of life. I have ordered yet another book and am eager to read it. Please keep our communication flowing. The more I learn, the more I can accomplish. I tend to put extra time & effort on Miss Annabelle but her story tells it all.

  3. I find myself re-reading the books to refresh and soak in more of the information within. I like what I’m reading and making note’s in the margin as well as on a separate sheet of paper for further study. I’m glad I can go back to re-view each level meeting no matter what level i’m in. For me it helps me to re-read and re-view what is presented so I really soak in the material provided. I want to be able to review all that is here to understand what I can learn even after time has passed. Is these teaching Tools available for purchase to apprentices???

    Joe G